Our Services

Medical Care
We offer a wide variety of medical care including annual wellness exams, preventative care, vaccinations, senior pet exams and of course, diagnostic and therapeutic care for pets that are ill.
We have two surgical suites equipped with a Laser machine as well as the latest anesthetic and monitoring devices. We perform a wide variety of surgeries ranging from routine spay and neuter operations to more complicated orthopedic and soft tissue procedures.
With a large staff of dedicated kennel personnel, your pet will be well taken care of while you are away. Whether you choose to have your pet pampered in one of our luxury canine runs or feline condos, or boarded in our hospital facility, your pet will have complete access to any medical care that may be necessary during its stay.
Our expansive grooming area has two full sized tubs and several grooming stations available for bathing, drying, and expert clipping of either cats or dogs. We have two full time professionally trained groomers which allow us to offer appointments seven days a week.
Both our rigid and flexible endoscopic equipment allow us to perform less invasive diagnostic procedures on your pet. This equipment allows us easy access to the intestines, bladder, nasal cavity, trachea, esophagus and stomach so we can evaluate and even take tissue samples if necessary under anesthesia.
Our fully equipped in-house laboratory is able to perform blood chemistry screens, complete blood counts, and urine testing as well as routine tests for parasites or infectious diseases. We are also able to do a number of cytology exams in house. For more in depth testing, we use an outside laboratory which provides us with results in less than 24 hours in most cases.
We use ultrasound to view internal organs and soft tissues of your pet. We can check for pregnancy as well as see structures that are not easily seen on X-ray because they are not dense enough. It is an easy and painless procedure.
Dental Care
We offer a complete range of dental services from preventative cleaning and polishing, to dental X-rays, tooth extractions and gum surgery.
Hospitalized pets are given the utmost care and treatment when staying with us. When hospitalized, pets stay in areas where they are easily visible to staff and can be checked on frequently. With the help of the latest equipment, pets are monitored throughout their stay and medications are administered to them as necessary.
We maintain a complete inventory of pharmaceuticals, vitamins, shampoos, flea products and prescription diets to meet the needs of your pet. You can also request prescription refills online to be picked up at our hospital or mailed to you.
This is an easy and permanent way to identify your pet and increase your chances of being reunited with your pet in the event they are ever lost or stolen. We use Home Again Universal Microchips, which are the gold standard in the microchip industry.
Our state of the art digital X-ray machine allows us the ability to take clear, more detailed pictures in half the time of traditional X-ray machines. In addition, we have all of our X-rays reviewed by a board certified radiologist.
Reproductive Care
For those clients who intend to breed their pets, we offer a variety of services including pre-breeding exams and testing, collection and analysis of fresh or frozen semen, artificial insemination, transcervical insemination, C-sections and neonatal care.
We provide comprehensive care for all kinds of creatures including but not limited to birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, gerbils, ferrets, hedgehogs and other various exotics.
Our lobby has a variety of leashes, collars, pet supplies, pet food and many other products available to purchase for your convenience.

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